Videos! Here’s what’s in the works-

We are very pleased to share the product of our first efforts with our composers. If you visit our YouTube channel, you can watch the recordings of all the individual pieces that were performed on April 8th at Columbia University. 

Our next event, Jonah Murphy’s solo flute recital, will have similar such coverage, so rest assured that all of the music that we make, will be shared with everyone regardless if they are or aren’t in New York City to see the concert! 


April Update and Celebration!

Hello again!

Thank you to all the composers who supported and received our first event so warmly. If you haven’t already done so, please listen to the full concert here:

We are pleased to share that we have three new Featured Artists listed, and encourage you to introduce yourselves to them on the Apply page! Jonah Murphy is a flutist, Jeffery Kautz is a solo timpanist and percussionist, and the Bowery Trio is a fantastic chamber ensemble consisting of clarinet, cello, and piano. 

I hope you are looking forward, like I am, to all the music that will be made because of the enthusiasm of all the musicians involved in submitting and performing this slew of new works being written for this event. 

Each event going forward will be a celebration of the creative energies being put on display by all of you!

April 2021 Columbia Concert Final Selections Announcement

Thank you to all the composers from around the world who shared their music with us! It was a pleasure listening to your music, and we hope you join us in congratulating the composers selected for performance in New York City. We had so many high-quality submissions that we have runners-up who our pianist has selected to perform at future NYCCMS concerts elsewhere in the city! Please stay in touch, so that you won’t miss the date of Baron’s performance in April.


Winners – selected for performance Columbia:

Andrew Faulkenberry — Thorns

Joo Park — Anoroc Cycle

Nathan Scalise — Aqueous Layers

Yasuhiro Takenaka — Glimpses of Unfamiliar Japan

Luzia von Wyl — Spark

Helen Walker — Without Words

Manjing Zhang — The Whisper of Stone Drums

David John Roche — Prayers of Method

Special mentions – to be programmed by Baron in the future:

Patrick Andrew Thompson—Liquid Crystal

JunYi Chow—Deep in the City

Andrew James Clark—The Rhythmic Suite No. 1

November Update and a Big Thank You!

We have exceeded all expectations for our inaugural concert with pianist Baron Fenwick! We have received many more submissions than we expected, and are humbled by the interest our growing community is expressing. We will be curating the submissions along with Baron starting in January, and can’t wait to dig further into all the interesting music you’ve sent us. 

Thank you very much!