Tons of New Videos & an Update!

Hello composers! 

We are very excited to be able to deliver to you the fruits of our collective labor over the last few months! Sixteen brand-new pieces composed by NYCCMS composers have been uploaded to our YouTube channel, and are ready to soothe your ears and calm your nerves at your convenience. 

These performances are of course by the Bowery Trio, and flutist Jonah Murphy. Please do catch up with them if you like what you hear. 

It’s a turning point for NYCCMS, in that we have a small handful of complete events behind us now! The incredible music we’ve managed to make together is only the beginning, but it’s very nice to have it cataloged as proof of our accomplishments. We hope you are as happy with the results as we are, and that you are finding good use for the recordings. 

Jonah’s recordings will be released all at once following the livestream premiere of the full concert on YouTube this weekend! 

One final update – 

Another call for scores for solo piano will go live this September! We look forward to reviewing your submissions in the Fall. 

Have a good rest of your Summer,