April 29th, 7:30PM – NYCCMS Presents Flutist Jonah Murphy – Symphony Space NYC

In yet another Spring concert, we are thrilled to have Jonah Murphy at Symphony Space NYC taking the time to dig deep into your scores and present a recital of them. This year is a bit of an experiment. We are working with quite a few different musicians, and therefore instruments, within a short timespan. The flute is a staple instrument of contemporary composition for solo instrumentalists, so it seems like a fitting conclusion to this trifecta of Spring concert dates. 

If you haven’t already seen Jonah’s lovely performance, please take a look at our “Listen & Roster” page to find the video recording of it along with the rest of our documented music-making! 

April 12, 6:30PM – The Bowery Trio at Columbia University

Our biggest event yet! A big thank you to the outsized number of contributors to this call for scores, we were truly surprised at the amount of music to choose from to give to the Bowery Trio. They are extremely pleased to be trying out all this wonderful music, and I’m told they can’t wait to put together a program with it. 

A huge reason why we are so grateful for our partnership with Columbia University is the fact that when we have the opportunity to present music to you there, we can livestream it! 

Livestream and attendance information available here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYHgmpUzmH2FkI_q4OZ_mVg.

If you missed the livestream, and are perusing these posts in the distant future, you can find everything neatly organized on the “Listen & Roster” page. 

March 13th, 7PM – NYCCMS Presents Timpanist/Percussionist Jeffery Kautz

For our first concert of 2022, which will be a packed year of amazing concerts we are very excited about, Jeffery Kautz will be performing pieces by NYCCMS submitters! As always, it was an absolute pleasure for NYCCMS and Jeffery to peruse your music. It really is a pleasure we do not take for granted. As we enter calendar year three of a pandemic, seeing innovative new music still being written is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise gloomy environment. 

Be sure to tune into the recordings that will be posted to our YouTube channel and Facebook page. You can easily access links to those platforms on our “Listen & Roster” page.